The Mitchell & Abbott Group Insurance Brokers Limited

Thank you very much for visiting our website. Our mission is simple: We want to earn the right to be your insurance broker by providing you with a wide selection of insurance products and insurer choices, by saving you money and adding value, and by being there for you when the going gets tough. We are truly independent, with no financial ties to any one particular insurer. We do what is best for you – always!

Below are some of the reasons why you should purchase your insurance through Mitchell & Abbott:

  • We have been in business for over 90 years
  • We represent over 25 different insurance companies
  • We have been the broker of choice for Canada’s favourite coffee chain for over 40 years – we are franchise insurance experts!
  • We also have insurance programs for other household names, such as Harvey’s, Wendy’s, Swiss Chalet, Subway, Turtle Jack’s…and the list goes on.
  • We are a licensed insurance broker in every Canadian province, including Life and Group Health Benefits. National Insurance Programs, be it for Fleet, Property & Liability or Group Benefits are our specialty!
  • We are the broker who pioneered auto insurance discounts for seniors in Ontario – and we are very proud of that fact. Today we still specialize in insurance for mature drivers and homeowners, including our group program for Ontario’s Municipal Retirees (MROO)

Tip of the Month

Myth: “I should put my son’s/daughter’s car in my name in order to save on premium”

Fact: The policy is rated on who drives the car principally, not who owns the car. Also keep in mind, if a lawsuit is filed after an accident, it is the owner of the car (as well as the driver) that gets sued. If you put your child’s vehicle in your name, you risk being named in a court action and thereby risk your personal assets.

As independent insurance brokers, the firm is not committed to any one company or product. Our knowledge, experience and research capabilities enable us to develop flexible, customized insurance packages for your business, operations and employees.

The right Insurance Protection for you.


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